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12th-Jun-2007 10:45 pm - Round 5 Challenge 3 Voting
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Favorite 3 in order again.

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12th-Jun-2007 06:17 pm - Round 5 Challenge 2 Voting
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Vote for your favorite 3 in order.

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11th-Jun-2007 01:17 am - Round 5 Extension
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We definitely don't have enough entries to put up voting for Round 5. I'll leave this round open for a couple more days then I'll have to close it because I don't want this delay to be for too long. Now those of you who have not posted up to Round 5 Challenge 5 may have a chance to do so and those of you who haven't entered at all this round will also have a couple extra days.

Submit to the Round 5 post.
4th-Jun-2007 02:20 pm - Help?
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Don't forget that Round 5 ends this weekend. I really hope we get enough entries since I decreased the icon maximum for each challenge!

Also, I have a big favor to ask. At paper_feelings, we have 2 voting posts. We really really need a lot more votes before we can determine winners. I hope you can all take a minute and go there to vote. It would be a huge help! Thanks! =)
2nd-Jun-2007 08:39 pm - Promotion
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Hey guys, your fellow member deadly_lemonade has created a new community called grande_contests!

I am also a co-mod there. I think you should all check it out, it seems like fun =)
2nd-Jun-2007 04:24 pm - Round 4: Winners!
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These are all your winners for Round 4. Round 4 Icontest Idol will be posted soon! Congrats guys! =)

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2nd-Jun-2007 02:35 am - Round 5: Reminder
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Just a reminder that all your icons for Round 5 are due in about a week, on Sunday, June 10th.

You can submit them all to this post: http://community.livejournal.com/icontest_idol/36069.html

I hope you all will have a chance to participate! =)

Also, encourage your friends to vote for Round 4. We don't have enough!
27th-May-2007 02:43 pm - Round 5
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I have decided that instead of making you all search through our many posts just to find each challenge, they are all in this one post.

You are still expected to follow all community rules and submit to each challenge in order. And yes, I will be checking to make sure everyone has done this.

Challenge 1: 200x200
-The size of your icon must be 200x200. When voting goes up, they will be listed and numbered, since they are too big to fit in an icon table generator.
-Your 200x200 icons may contain anything you wish. I don't mind if the file size is larger than 40kb since they are too large to be uploaded on livejournal anyway.
-The only rule for this challenge is that each of your 200x200's have some kind of text. This may be either typed out text, tiny text, or xxx's, etc. The point in having double-sized icons is so you have room to do more with them. So take advantage of the fact that your font can be bigger, you can have more detail, and larger crops!
-No animation

Challenge 2: A Walk to Remember
-Those of you who answered my poll said you like girly movies
-I chose "A Walk to Remember" hoping that we have all seen it
-If you haven't seen it, go rent it and watch it!
-But I'm sure you'll be able to make these icons either way
-Icons may contain anything having to do with the movie
-No out-of-character pictures unless it's the 2 main characters together
-All text, brushes, textures etc are allowed
-No animation

Challenge 3: Song Lyrics
-Your icons may be of anything, as long as they include at least one word from the provided lyrics
-Follow usual lj icon rules, 100x100, 40kb
-I chose "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain because it's my favorite song and also will be challenging for you to apply. His choice of words is unique, I think, and I hope you will all be creative with it.
-no animation

"I'll Be" by Edwin McCain

the strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
stop me and steal my breath
emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
never revealing their depth
tell me that we belong together
dress it up with the trappings of love
i'll be captivated, i'll hang from your lips
instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

i'll be your crying shoulder
i'll be love suicide
i'll be better when i'm older
i'll be the greatest fan of your life

rain falls angry on the tin roof
as we lie awake in my bed
you're my survival
you're my living proof
my love is alive and not dead

i've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead
tuned in, turned on, remembered the things you said

i'll be your crying shoulder
i'll be love suicide
i'll be better when i'm older
i'll be the greatest fan of your life

Tips: You can be as farfetched as you want with using these lyrics. You can do different things like "fan", "suicide", "towards the sky", "thrust"(lol), "color", "your eyes" etc. Remember you just need one word. Or you could try to fit several lines. Your icons can have pictures behind lyrics or maybe even just the text. It's up to you!

Challenge 4: Laughter
-Anyone laughing
-NO TEXT--the purpose of the icon is laughter--we should see that
-no animation

Challenge 5: Johnny Depp
-UP TO 5 ICONS containing Johnny Depp
-ONLY IN CHARACTER--in movies like Secret Window, Sleepy Hollow, POTC, Edward Scissorhands, etc. There are MANY movies you can find him in. They don't necessarily have to be screencaps. You can find promotional images of Johnny Depp in character--Especially for Pirates!

Lets see how we do with 5 easy-to-locate challenges. You don't need to submit all of your icons in the same post; comment as many times as you need to, I don't mind.


You have about 2 weeks to make up to 19 icons. Good luck!

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