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Icontest Idol
12th-Jun-2007 11:26 pm
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This is a special round. This will be different than the 5 previous rounds we've had so far.

Follow rules carefully:

-You may make up to *****20***** icons
-100x100, up to 40kb, only up to THREE .gif's allowed per person.
-Any subject matter, any text, font, animation, blending
-No nudity
-DO NOT USE ANYONE ELSES ICON BASES--do your own cropping, make your icons original please. Make sure you vary your subject matter, don't make icons that are all very similar.
-Submit all icons in a comment(s) to this post, no other post
-Give me the url underneath each icon

Take advantage of this free-for-all and help promote. I know we're going to get tons of participation with this one because there's not really a way someone wouldn't like the topic lol.

Be creative and have fun!

All Round Six icons are due June 30th. You do not need to submit them all together, use as many submission comments as you'd like. =)

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